JIKAN TECHNO, Inc. develops products that aim to transform the “common way in which we perceive the products and services of modern day society.”
One example of these products or services are “nanocarbons.”
It is an undeniable fact that such nanocarbons are a material that practically all product developers desire to actively utilize.
With that said, however, since the high cost of conventional manufacturing methods makes the practical use of such materials unattainable, their usage has been limited to military and medical applications.
Through our many years of research, our company has succeeded in achieving the development of “nanocarbons derived from biomass materials.”
By utilizing plasma processing on biomass materials that are typically regarded as industrial waste, we have succeeded in establishing the technology to produce massive amounts of nanocarbons, and based on this technology, it is no exaggeration to say that we are in a position to revolutionize the various services of society through the active utilization of such materials in a wide array of products to be developed.
Moreover, we intend on placing a strong focus on our business activities to develop next generation storage batteries.
In the future, our organization will continue to strive in our endeavors to research/develop technologies that will transform the “common way in which we perceive the products and services of modern day society.”


Changing the Concept of TimeーJIKATECHNO

JIKAN TECHNO, Inc., intends on changing our conventional notions of “time,” which acts as a resource in conducting business, and we aim to play a role in contributing to our goal of forging a new concept of “time” that will ultimately enable us to build a more prosperous society.

Of the resources used to conduct business, such as “human resources,” “material resources,” “funds,” and “information,” we identify “time” as the next vital resource, and we strive to provide services that will enable us to optimize our utilization of this resource, and in order to carry out our mission as a company that aims to contribute to humankind and society, we will fully engage in our endeavors.
As a company that continually places a dedicated focus on carefully examining the current state of products and services that benefit humankind and society, we possess a spirit of innovation that enables us to think outside of the box, while staying firmly grounded within the realm of feasibility, as our company engages in all-encompassing efforts to thoroughly complete the task at hand, and we aim on establishing ourselves as a company that is truly vital to society.