Of the resources used to conduct business, such as “human resources,” “material resources,” “funds,” and “information,” we identify “time” as the next vital resource, and we strive to provide services that will enable us to optimize our utilization of this resource, and in order to carry out our mission as a company that aims to contribute to humankind and society, we will fully engage in our endeavors.
As a company that continually places a dedicated focus on carefully examining the current state of products and services that benefit humankind and society, we possess a spirit of innovation that enables us to think outside of the box, while staying firmly grounded within the realm of feasibility, as our company engages in all-encompassing efforts to thoroughly complete the task at hand, and we aim on establishing ourselves as a company that is truly vital to society.


July 2019
We have been nominated as a candidate to become one of the Hyogo “Only-One” Companies for the first fiscal year of the Reiwa era.
June 2019
We have been selected to receive the Manufacturing, Commerce, and Service Enhancement Cooperation Promotion Subsidy for the revised budget for the fiscal year of 2018.
Mar. 2019
Our company was featured in the serial article “Nanotech Champions” of the Japanese economic magazine “New Leader” March 2019 issue.
Jan.-Feb. 2019
We exhibited booths at “nano tech 2019”, the 18th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference. We would like to express our gratitude to the many visitors to the fair.

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