Nanocarbons Manufactured from Biomass Materials
Successful Mass Production of High-Quality Carbon Materials Based on Our Company’s Proprietary Manufacturing Methods
Low-Cost Supplying Made Possible

All of our processes from the procurement of materials to manufacturing are conducted domestically in Japan.

In recent years, there have been urgent calls to utilize natural energy sources that take into consideration the global environment, and there is great demand for the utilization of biomass materials. In response to the demands calling for the development of materials that are not reliant on the usage of fossil fuels and the development of materials that can be adapted for industrialized use, we have developed materials (nanocarbon) that can satisfy these needs.
- Nanocarbons can be used for electrode materials for the batteries of the future.
- Nanocarbons can be used to create light-weight and durable materials.
- Nanocarbons can conduct a large amount of electricity.
- Nanocarbons can...
Nanocarbons feature a multitude of remarkable characteristics that can be harnessed to change society, and there is no doubt that such materials will have a tremendous impact on the global environment of the future.
Our company intends to contribute to the global environment of the future and to society through the development of nanocarbons.

Business Topics

We have succeeded in manufacturing graphene from biomass materials.


Some examples of the features and benefits of such materials are as follows:
1. Exceptionally larger specific surface area when compared to mineral-based materials
2. Reduced residual metals
3. Low cost
4. Environmentally friendly
5. Complete domestic production in Japan is possible


We have succeeded in the mass production of several types of graphene.